You’re going to HELL Alannah!

Say your prayers you fallen Angel!

Some days , every SINGLE, bloody thing goes WRONG! ALL DAY! People bang into you, your purse gets stolen , your KFC isn’t hot enough, the pizza arrives with anchovies when you SPECIFICALLY said NO anchovies. Your boyfriend seems aloof, morbid, joyless and snappy! Your friends ALL seem a little bit happier than you, your boss IS continually intolerable and you fantasise about resigning ALL the time, ( after resigning you imagine hitting your boss with a sharp blunt instrument and stealing their car. You feel bloated ALL THE TIME, you feel totally misunderstood and your face seems to have grown peach fuzz hair, your luxurious head hair seems thin and your girl spark is running on empty! You realise you have NO money, NO decent clothing, your social skills are borderline psychotic and quite frankly my dears… You JUST don’t GIVE a damn!! These words are for those days when life is just a LITTLE bit too #%^% hard!